Vinicius M. Nascimento & Pedro Pereira


Human Design
Talk - Ancient Wisdom

Vinicius is passionate about unraveling the codes of nature and integrating them into technological advancements. His motivation is fueled by a curiosity to discover innovative solutions through the lens of geometry. In recent years, his quest for self-knowledge has taken him around the globe where he had opportunity to live with monks.

This journey has been instrumental in developing his skills in game design, particularly in studying human behavior, with a significant inspiration drawn from the I-Ching, human design and genekeys. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Robotics Engineering. In addition, he holds a degree in Systems Analysis and Development and have completed technical courses in Electronics, Mechanics, and Digital Games.

Professionally, his experience spans teaching, leading teams and serving as a product owner in projects centered around innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology .In addition, he isdelving into the realm of holistic medicine, with a specific focus on electro-acupuncture and sound healing therapy, exploring their integrative potential in wellness and healing.

Vinicius is bringing the workshop Unlocking the Geometric Matrix of Ancient Wisdom, a fascinating intersection of ancient teachings and modern technological principles, with a primary focus on the I-Ching. Through the lens of a geometric blueprint by applying graph theory, participants will explore how to discern patterns and interpret readings. We'll uncover the profound connections between the I-Ching and various philosophical systems including Buddhism, Taoism and Hermeticism.

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