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A Camping Experience of Well-Being, Nature, Arts & Music at Boomland

Dear Being Family,

The Being Gathering reawakens. Covid-19 has been a time of separation, now we must reconnect - this is the moment for the Being to materialise once again.

The Being never disappeared; the offtime was spent sensing and reflecting. After two memorable editions in 2015 and 2017, we felt in 2019 the moment had come to let Boomland rest and let the Being regenerate.

The Being is part of the Boom Festival and Boomland ecosystem, two projects that take up most of the team’s time. In the last years, besides nurturing the Being concept, we continued the production for Boom Festival and the on-site regeneration of Boomland: meaning that now there are more native trees, more gardens, improved infrastructure, a new water treatment station at the land, to name just a few.

And then Covid-19 hit! We had to reschedule Boom Festival twice. Human beings were torn apart, lockdowns became the norm, individual and group opinions are more polarised.

We need to reconnect with ourselves and each other, outdoors, immersed in nature!

More than ever the message of the Being is paramount: the fusion between well-being practices; the apology for freedom; the dialogue between arts, sound and nature; a human experience aiming for a higher consciousness that is open-minded, informed and without dogmas.

Your calling and the calling of the Being spirit are strong. Yet, in Portugal there are still no clear norms for outdoor events amid the pandemic.

Thus there is a metamorphosis of the Being Gathering to fit the pandemic context: a Being Camp.

Boomland, Spring 2021

From 30 July to 15 August 2021, Boomland opens to a human experience where well-being, nature, arts and sound meet to provide you with a small-scale, unique experience of reconnection with your inner self, the other, nature and the wholeness of the cosmos.


We’re honoured to create a sharing space for you. In times of pandemic, let the Boomland and the Being Family be your safe harbour.

Stay tuned for information on reservations, program and other relevant info on 21 June 2021:

Share the Joy,
Being Gathering Team