Being Camp 2024

A smooth and enlightened experience in Boomland
The Being Camp takes place from 22 to 28 of July.

As a Being Gathering spin-off, Being Camp provides a more immersive and individual experience. It's a call for everyone that always approached the Boom Team for a more holistic camping experience.

Activities take place in a more scattered schedule and don't coincide with each other.
This means you can take it slow, have time for everything and enjoy every little bit.

The purpose is the same as the Being Gathering: to create a fusion of arts, community life, music, workshops therapies, yoga practices and coexistence at Boomland. It is a camping experience dream come true for family, friends, or to simply have some relaxing time on your own.
General Information
The Being Camp is a Being Gathering spin-off, a holistic camping format inspired by the Being Gathering.
You can stay at the Tipi Camp or bring your own tent or caravan. Choose the best option for you so you can fully enjoy the experience.
Any questions? Here you can find the answers.
The Being is a slow production for mindful living.
a metamorphosis of the Being Gathering that was born to spread a message of love and togetherness in pandemic times.
Being Camp: Activities to Feed Spirit, Body & Mind.