The theme of Being 2024

"The sun doesn’t shine for itself.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Generosity is to give. To remain open. To embrace the availability of our being with empathy and compassion towards the world of wonder around us. To savour the experience of otherness.

It is to acknowledge that we, along with all others, are intertwined in the same current of existence. Each one of us is part of an interdependence of co-creators, life stewards and caretakers.

On the sun's most auspicious day, we draw inspiration from its magnificent generosity: it radiates, offering life, yet does not bask in its own brilliance.

Generosity embodies abundance. It represents the core of our connections, both within and beyond ourselves—a profound bond with life, akin to the energy of the sun itself.

To be generous is to build bridges, foster understanding, and remain present—an expression of love, reaching out to the 'other,' guided by gratitude.

In celebration of the primary attribute of the central star, we come together at Being Gathering 2024 to honour GENEROSITY.