Creating this enchanting event amidst the beauty of nature demands individuals who are resilient, imaginative, and dedicated. It's an adventure that's both demanding and endlessly enjoyable, often etching unforgettable memories into the hearts of those who partake.

Your duration on-site can range from three days to three months, depending on your calling. From eco-heroes maintaining pristine compost toilets during the festival to skilled carpenters and permaculture enthusiasts contributing to our production stage – there are myriad volunteer roles awaiting your unique talents.

Make new friends and get a glimpse of the workings of the festival. Nobody said it was going to be easy though. Volunteering can be a challenge, but the results are also rewarding. Volunteers share their knowledge, passion, time and their beautiful vibe, and so they are essential to the Being experience.

Artists, creatives, builders, gardeners, eco warriors and all other lovers of life. Come join us!
Applications must be submitted no later than 30 April 2024 by 23:59 (Portuguese Continental time).
Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
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