Lost & Found

Can't you find something you were carrying in your suitcase? Maybe it's in the lost and found.
You have until the end of September to follow the items that were left behind in Boomland.

Facts & Figures

  • A Weeklong Program of Activities in a Natural Paradise
  • Workshops: 100+ moments of Learning and Sharing
  • Yoga: Aligning All Our Dimensions
  • Martial Arts: The Chi Energy Unlocking Our Movements
  • Rituals & Ceremonies: Your Spirit, Your Channelling
  • Therapies & Massages: 100+ Therapists at Your Service
  • Forest Bathing: Healing Through Nature
  • Fitness: May we Rejoice with Our Bodies
  • Hundreds of Workshops: Nurture, Learn, Play with Your Best Self
  • Eclectic Music: Diversity of Origins, Diversity of Emotions Across 3 Stages
  • Environmental Action: Get to See Award-Winning Boomland Initiatives 1st-Hand
  • Meditation & Breathwork: Connecting With Our Deepest Essence
  • Food: Workshops on Healthy & Communal Food
  • Art Installations: Be Amazed by Art and Land Art Every Corner
  • Marketplace: Artists & Independent Brands 
  • Food Vendors: Global Flavours & Measuring the Food Footprint for a Conscious Food Culture
  • Kids and Youngsters: A Dedicated Marvellous Space for the New Generations
  • Sound Temple with Medicine Music, Sound Healing and Journeys 
  • A Global Family of Spiritual Seekers  
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