Join the regenerative and ecological ways of life. Get involved with nature. 


Compost Toilets

The revelation of the compost toilets has transformed the way we think about living sustainably.

Their utilisation at Boomland since 2006 has been a model for large scale events to follow as we change the way we approach sanitation. 

The science behind the theory and methodology for installing compost toilets at Being has evolved over the years - and this is thanks to the expertise of several organisations and individuals, including our own site-specific trial and error practices.

Compost toilets have proven it is possible to deal with human waste in a safe and manageable way while illustrating how we can give back to Nature by creating soil.



At Boomland we use energy from the public grid the vast majority of the time.

In Portugal between, 31 December and 1 January 2023, 44,128 GWh of electricity were generated, of which 70.7% came from renewable sources. At Boomland we make use of this energy.

We used to have solar system since 2010, unfortunately it was devastated by a fire. We are currently developing a project for a solar village in Boomland.

However, we still use solar energy. Whether in public lighting or in various water pumps used to irrigate fields and gardens.



Gardens are a fundamental part of Being. They give colour to our land, make excellent habitats, sustain biodiversity and provide us with exquisite edibles.

Take the time to reconnect with Mother Nature and explore the greener areas of the festival. Lose yourself amongst the dazzling natural mazes, taste the yummy plants that grow there and enjoy the breathtaking beauty.

We’re grateful for the help of an international team of expert permaculture gardeners and volunteers who arrive several months before Being starts to care for these stunning wonders of nature.

Over the years we’ve grown basil, sage and rosemary as well as veggies like pumpkins, tomatoes and zucchini, while all kinds of living beings have moved into this rich ecosystem and made it their home.



Boomland's reforestation program was the natural step to take once we acquired the land as it provides a multitude of benefits, including much-needed shade, homes for a diverse fauna, and enhances overall local biodiversity.

We set this program in motion in 2015. Since then, and between each Being Gathering edition, we have planted over 1000 trees and hundreds shrubs.

Some of the tree species planted are: Acer Monspessulanum, Acer Pseudoplatanus, Alnus Glutinosa, Betula Pubescena, Castanea Sativa, Celtis Australis, Populus Alba, Olea Europaea Sylvestris, Prunus Avium and Quercus Pyrenaica.


Waste & Compost

Everything can be repurposed. Waste is a resource

Plastic, paper, glass and metal is organised by Eco Team members who collect, separate and place each material in their right place. Containers are then processed by the public waste recycling unit, Valnor.

This process means that we avoid using mechanical processes for separating the materials, preventing unnecessary CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

Be sure to help the volunteers by dumping your rubbish into the correct recycling bins so that we can keep the cycle.

Among the different types of waste at Being (before, during and after the festival happens) we also have compostable waste - leftover food from kitchens, biodegradable dishware and cutlery. They are valuable too. From there we make compost to nourish the soil and create energy.

Did you know that it takes hundreds of years to form just a centimetre of soil, yet humans have become experts at destroying it in minutes?

To help the process, please ensure you throw your food scraps into the correct bin.



One of our most precious resources, water, is becoming increasingly scarce worldwide. As an element of inestimable value, it’s our responsibility to use it consciously and return it to Nature as clean as we received it.

At Boomland we do our best to interfere as little as possible with our cherished ecosystem by cleaning the water from our restaurants, bars, showers and other facilities before, during and after every Being.


In 2023, the entire landmass of Portugal experienced drought. Water is a limited resource and we must save it. Every drop counts.

When walking around Boomland, you’ll stumble upon several free water points. The water that comes from them is derived from the public grid since, for health and safety reasons, all events in Portugal are required to provide water connected to the public provider.

We monitor water quality before, during and after the festival. To prevent waste, we install flowmetres at every water point. It is there for you to use! Fill up your containers, drink from the tap, stay hydrated! But please, make conscious and wise usage of water!

You too play a key part. Help us Save the Drop with the following tips:

Showers might run on limited hours (depending on the drought situation in the country). Check the running times at the showers, be patient, this measure is for the greater good.

Please only use organic products in the showers to ensure the water retrieved is as clean as possible. These are for strict use in the showers only, so do not bring your toiletries to use in the lake.

Never use shampoo or soap in the lake. And never do your bio needs in the water. Take care of Nature and Boomland.