Tipi Camp 2024

Welcome to Tipi Camp a place where you can call upon your native roots and remember what it was like for our ancestors when they led nomadic lives in the great plains.

The Wanbli Tipi Camp is an accommodation service offered with Tipis and Star Tents that offers the possibility for you to simply arrive without having to worry about carrying and setting up a tent for your stay at the gathering.

You can book for the entire week, if you have the regular ticket, or for the weekend, if you have the weekend ticket.

It is a private camping area that offers a reception, toilets, showers, mobile phone charging station and a shaded chill out area.
The Wanbli Tipi Camp offers you traditional 5.5m diameter tipis and 4.5m height, that accommodate up to six people, and 3.5m diameter and 2.5m height, perfect for two people.

Our tipis are made of heavy duty rain proof canvas and have insulated floors.
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up to 2 people
up to 6 people
Weekend (up to 2 people)
Weekend (up to 6 people)
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Please note: When purchasing a 2 people accomodation, Tipis and Star Tents are randomly assigned.
Star Tent
These are breathable shelters of neat design with rounded floors supported by a central pole and covered with natural waterproof cotton canvas.

Spacious and comfortable, our Star Tents with 5m diameter and 3m height are for a group up to five people and the smaller 3m diameter and 1.8m height for up to two people.
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price per person
up to 2 people
up to 5 people
shared space
(up to 5 people)
Weekend (up to 2 people)
Weekend (up to 5 people)
Weekend shared space
(up to 5 people)
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Please note: When purchasing a 2 people accomodation, Tipis and Star Tents are randomly assigned.

Tipi Camp Tickets Terms & Conditions of Sale

  • Tents can only be used up to their maximum capacity; this means there is no possibility of adding an extra bed/mattress.
  • Children until six years old can exceed the tent maximum capacity only if they use parent’s sleeping pack. No extra mattresses or sleeping packs will be provided.
  • Children should always be supervised by their parents or legal guardians.
  • Guests can be invited in your tent only if it is not being used at its maximum capacity.
  • Guests have to check-in at the reception.
  • Check-ins and check-outs have to be made by the Tipi Camp ticket buyer or the reservation holder.
  • Sleeping packs, including mattress, will be available inside the tipi/tent. There will be one sleeping pack and mattress for each tent user up to a maximum capacity for each tent.
  • At check-out, the same number of sleeping packs should be returned in the same conditions as they were given.
  • Mattresses cannot be taken out from the tents.
  • Sleeping material cannot be used for different purposes from the ones they were delivered for.
  • An extra cost will be charged if the mattresses or sleeping packs are found dirty or in bad conservation condition.
  • The buyer or reservation holder is liable for the sleeping packs until they are returned.
  • Check-ins and check-outs will be assisted by a staff member who will help in the process.
  • Tents will be delivered on a first-come, first-served basis and, in the case of the 2 people tents, the type of tent (start tent or tipi) will be attributed randomly by the organization.
  • Event organisation will not be responsible or liable for losses or theft to any property of anyone staying at the Tipi Camp.
  • The use of fire, cooking stoves, candles, or other flammable items is absolutely forbidden inside the tents or anywhere on the campsite. Boomland is an extremely high-risk fire area.
  • Knives and other cutting tools or objects are not allowed on the campsite.
  • There is a dining area at the campsite area.
  • There is no hot water at the campsite.
  • It is the ticket holder's responsibility and obligation to, at check-out, return in good condition of use all the materials that the Being Gathering 2024 organisation provides during the festival: the tent, lantern(s), key lock, and a mattress, a sheet, a duvet, a pillow, a duvet case, a pillowcase and a backpack for each person in the tent.
  • In case of loss, damage, or if an item is returned highly unclean, the price list (in Euros) of each reposition is:
    • Sheet: €12
    • Pillow (including pillow protector): €15
    • Pillowcase: €12
    • Duvet cover: €12
    • Duvet: €25
    • Flashlight or String Light: €12
    • Mattresses: €55 (loss or damage); €25 (if the mattress is dirty)
    • Backpack: €6
    • Key lock: €12 (if it is combination model) €6 (if it is key model
    • Carpet (per unit): €45
    Tent Penalties:
    Small Penalty:
    • Breakage of less than 15 cm in the floor or canvas;
    • Less than 10 accessories missing;
    • Broken pole or door frame or tipi pole;
    • 50 euros + VAT per damage for 2-5 people tent and 100 euros + VAT per damage for 6 people tent.
    Medium Penalty:
    • Breakage of 15-30 cm in floor or canvas;
    • Between 10 and 20 missing accessories;
    • Breakage of tripod (2 people Star Tent);
    • 100 euros + VAT per damage for 2-5 people tent and 200 euros + VAT per tent.
    High Penalty:
    • Breakage of over 30 cm in floor or canvas.
    • Materials in bad state; very dirty and almost impossible to clean.
    • Broken zipper - 650 euros + VAT for 2-5 people tent and 1550 euros + VAT for 6 people tent.
  • There are no refunds for Tipi Camp accommodation services.
  • In case of cancellation of the event, the General Terms and Conditions of the Festival Tickets will apply.