400 BC Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, said: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".
Fortunately, recently nutrition is in the spotlight for a healthy  lifestyle.
That's why at Being Gathering, we select restaurants that offer a healthy philosophy.
A 100% plant-based event, presenting a choice of seven restaurants, all vegetarian and with organic and preferably local products. All cutlery is biodegradable, to be used as compost in the future.

But there is more...
We are excited to offer you a brand new dining experience at Boomland.
Meet the Gáudio Restaurant (means in Portuguese a very postive expression of joy).
In a partnership between Being and the iconic Chama restaurant, from Porto, we present a veggie community experience.
There is a table service and a five-course menu.
It is unpredictable, exclusively yummy veggie and vegan, and to be shared.

Facts & Figures

  • A Weeklong Program of Activities in a Natural Paradise
  • Workshops: 100+ moments of Learning and Sharing
  • Yoga: Aligning All Our Dimensions
  • Martial Arts: The Chi Energy Unlocking Our Movements
  • Rituals & Ceremonies: Your Spirit, Your Channelling
  • Therapies & Massages: 100+ Therapists at Your Service
  • Forest Bathing: Healing Through Nature
  • Fitness: May we Rejoice with Our Bodies
  • Hundreds of Workshops: Nurture, Learn, Play with Your Best Self
  • Eclectic Music: Diversity of Origins, Diversity of Emotions Across 3 Stages
  • Environmental Action: Get to See Award-Winning Boomland Initiatives 1st-Hand
  • Meditation & Breathwork: Connecting With Our Deepest Essence
  • Food: Workshops on Healthy & Communal Food
  • Art Installations: Be Amazed by Art and Land Art Every Corner
  • Marketplace: Artists & Independent Brands 
  • Food Vendors: Global Flavours & Measuring the Food Footprint for a Conscious Food Culture
  • Kids and Youngsters: A Dedicated Marvellous Space for the New Generations
  • Sound Temple with Medicine Music, Sound Healing and Journeys 
  • A Global Family of Spiritual Seekers  
You can book in advance

Gáudio Restaurant


How many times have you met people at Being Gathering because you sat next to them at a table.

At Gáudio, the idea is to share the table and also the menu, served at five different times, from starter to dessert.

Mocktails, special non-alcoholic drinks, will also be served if you purchase the drink pairing experience. There will also be beer, this one with alcohol.


The menu is unpredictable, vegan, with local and organic products. All utensils are biodegradable and the minimization of food waste is taken into account.

It is a time to nourish the soul and body, with complete tranquility and an experience that goes beyond flavors.

The aromas and smells present during the meal and the visual component will be equally surprising.

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