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Amanda Wonderland is a Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology Practitioner with a passion for helping recovering people pleasers, perfectionists and codependents develop healthy emotional responsibility, regulation and resilience. 

She uses Inner Child Reparenting, Shadow Integration and Ancestral Trauma Release to empower people to finally manifest the lives they desire and deserve. 

She also specialises in mentoring individuals as they navigate the sometimes murky waters of Spiritual Awakening. 

It is her honour and passion to guide cosmic humans in cultivating more Unconditional Self-Love, Authentic Joy, and Inner Peace. She invites you to join her in raising the collective vibration of humanity through the gift of Emotional Freedom.  

At Being Gathering, participants will receive a thorough introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the acupressure points, and the Basic Recipe sequence. Then, they will be guided through a seated meditation using bilateral tapping in order to reconsolidate a childhood memory by employing Gestalt and Energy Psychology techniques. 

Healing is greatly accelerated when the connection between the adult self and the inner child is nurtured and fortified.

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