Lex Empress & Gilian Baracs


Soulsong Kiosk

Lex Empress, Soulsong, and her Mother of Pearl programs are a captivating musical transformation station. She has garnered acclaim for her ability to create transformative musical experiences that elevate the spirit and touch the depths of the soul. The goal: help achieve lasting change for the better.

Lex, with her outstanding lyrical expressions, has been widely recognized for her prowess as a singer, songwriter and performer. The fusion of high quality musical creations by pianist Gilian Baracs, with her vocal brilliance, connected to ancient spiritual wisdom brought with humor and of course her longing to create lasting change for humanity, renders her music both captivating and evocative, earning her a devoted following around the globe.

As a versatile artist, Lex Empress has graced the stages of renowned festivals and change making events, infusing her performances with a radiant energy that resonates with audiences on a profound level to be able to push through to a next level of remembrance of their true nature and that of all life. Lex' deep connection to the healing and meditative qualities of her music and deep wisdom has made her a sought-after performer in the realm of conscious gatherings and transformational festivals.

In the collaborations it becomes clear: we CAN do it, together. Her work is an invitation to dive into the depths of our collective wisdom and to revel in the potential of the present moment. The performances at Being Gathering are poised to be a testament to the power of collaboration in music, meditation and collaboration as a catalyst for collective transformation and transcendence.

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