Kula Lisboa is a holistic musician, rhythm facilitator, entrepreneur of sacred arts and evolution of human consciousness.

Passionate about rhythm and sound, Kula develops educational and transformational programs in different areas, always adapting and updating his learning. 

He developed new methods and processes for disseminating experiences, among which he created Somfala, Rhythm Song energiser, Movement Stillness and African Rhythm Alchemy.

His work is based on research into different ancestral traditions that involve singing, breathing, rhythm and movement. He is a leader of Taketina Rhythm Process and Laughter Yoga, a Soul Hunting therapist and a facilitator of Drum Circle and Trance Dance. 

He was a student of renowned teachers such as Wilbert Alix, Arthur Hull, Bobby McFerrin, Reinhard Flatischler, Tania Bosak and Madan Kataria.

In recent years he has become involved in music production as part of the growing conscious music movement aimed at human development practices.

He dedicates  with special care to creating sound and rhythm scapes for rituals with entheogenic plants,concerts, dance journeys with his musical projects Yagum and TchaKalla.

For Being Gahering, Kula is presenting "African Rhythm Alchemy/Drumming Journey" on 20 June. So, bring a musical instrument and join the gathering.

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