Aurelie Chauleur


Aquatic Therapies

Aurelie likes creating and holding space for others, playing with experiences of life and with what nature has to offer, opening new doors for self expression and allowing the transformation process.

She has a background of music producer, organizing festivals and collaborative projects with traditional musicians from all over the world for more than 20 years.

Aurelie is a nature lover, a kundalini yoga teacher, a water therapist, a karam kriya consultant, also trained in hatha yoga and yoga therapy, non-violent communication, philosophy workshops for children.

Besides her wellbeing journey, her passion is to create bridges between arts and social change, using creativity as a way to empower people. She directed her own documentaries, set up artistic residencies and currently explores water photography to develop an art installation on somatics in water.

Trained with Marina Sans in body-mind centering in water (Liquidcosmos), Aurelie will facilitate the workshop «water, the fabric of life» along with the team of water therapists of this edition.

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