Ecstatic Dance

Before following the paths of sound journey and ecstatic dance, Binder was a club DJ. In 2015 he was diagnosed with cancer and that was a life changing moment. He decided to move into being in places and gatherings that were more aligned with his core.  

For a long time dance and connecting in community has been a potent medicine, and with what is unfolding in our world,  one thing that has gotten even more clear to Binder is that gathering together in spaces that seek to empower one another is especially important for us during these times of great shifts.

His DJ sets and sound journeys can open up the doors of wisdom through sound and dance, so we can tune into a space of co-creation and empowerment to uplift one another.I

In Being Gathering program, Binder is bringing a Breath of Life Sound Ceremony - a guided journey utilising sound and breath focused on expanding our breath in the space and allowing channels of clarity and nourishment to flow through us -, and an Anahata Dance Journey, an invitation to go within, lead with our hearts and connect with one another, so we can step into new pathways of inner-being and tune in with love and compassion.

The journey will begin in silence, and as we settle into the space we will be guided to tune in with our intentions. From there the music will start and we will let go and tune into the waves of the shamanic dance journey.

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