Fernanda Alves


Talk - Ecosocial Consciousness

Fernanda Fagundes Alves has a master's degree in education,permaculture, environmental art educator, yoga teacher, Reiki therapist and crystal therapist. She has worked for 17 years in different artistic, educational and environmental socio-cultural projects in Brazil in favor of socio-environmental sustainability, social protection of children and education of quality. In 2015, seeking more coherence in the practice of social activism, she began a journey of experiencing and facilitating activities inspired by non-violent communication, an approach to social transformation that promotes a language of peace in a world of conflict. In 2018, she founded the Instituto Solar Educação e Vida, where she developed work in a socially at-risk community in Brazil to protect children. With little presence on social media and significant work for empathy, loving listening worked with local governments, social agents and schools to promote children's rights in a violent community in Brazil. Currently she also works as a conflict mediator and offers courses and individual consultations.

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