Laura Korčulanin


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Water consciousness

Laura Korčulanin is a pioneering design anthropologist, water steward and founder of Give a Shit, a regenerative innovation agency focused on urban water management and ecological sanitation.

With over 15 years of international experience in sustainability and impact innovation worldwide across various sectors - governments, industries, businesses, and academia - she mentors (Sustainable Ocean Alliance, 1-1) and consults on vital missions aimed at the regeneration and restoration of planetary health.

Laura's dedication to water seamlessly merges over 10 years of scientific research with water consciousness, art and ritualistic practice, creating an emblematic connection that contributes to both individual and collective well-being, fostering the reestablishment of planetary health. Additionally, her wholehearted dedication lies in advocating for a life-centered approach within diverse initiatives. She has broad experiences in water literacy, hands-on campaigns, and communication strategies built around UN-Water flagship events for water and sanitation (We Are Water Foundation, Roca, SWA, EPAL).

The Way of Water is a co-creative immersive journey enhanced with water intelligence through sensorial talk bringing forward latest science, indigenous knowledge, and consciousness within water space. This journey is fully guided and enhanced by natural water flow-art-and ritualistic practice to re-connect us with our inner waters and without with water bodies and its state and needs in current times.

Water is one of the most ancient technologies. Throughout history, water bore profound spiritual and symbolic significance as well as it was used for medical, and cultural purposes. It holds intelligence, memory, information, and codes that harmonize our well-being, within our bodies and without in our whole ecosystems.

Emblematic of life, fertility, purification, and regeneration this will be the time to bring back our feminine relationship with water where we care, co-create, collaborate, and pay the tribute to her needs and bridge them further to our daily lives.This sensorial co-creative talk will re-connect you to the planetary water bodies and bring into perspective conversation around futures technology, water credits, and water's future as navigation technology for the re-establishment of planetary health.

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