Luiza Cascon


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Family Circles

Luiza is a doula, somatic educator, dance-artist and masseuse. As a doula, she is giving support to pregnant and puerperal people, through empathetic listening, sharing scientific based information and helping to create a safe environment for their families.

Her  mission as a therapist and as an educator is to contribute to a healthier and more empowered  existence through practices of movement and body awareness. She believes it is essential to reclaim the role of the community as a network of care and support for pregnant people, parents, children and elders.

Luiza was born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated in Fine Arts and Dance, studied ayurvedic massage and other bodywork techniques. She is living in Lisbon since 2017 and studied to become a doula and created the project Pelvic Dance, focused on the mobility and awareness of the pelvic area.

A space to be shared as a family, focused on the experience of mothers, fathers, caregivers and pregnant people. A talk about the challenges and joys of parenthood, the experience of being in a festival together with our kids and the importance of having the support of a community while building a family.

In Being Gathering, Luiza is giving a session called Family Circles, and she will also be present has a Ayurvedic therapist.

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