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Punnu Wasu, a seasoned Indian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, draws inspiration from the rich traditions of kirtan and spirituality that shaped his upbringing in India.

Initiated into music at the age of 5, Punnu studied kirtan, hindustani classical music and various instruments. Guided by esteemed Indian masters, including his father, a renowned kirtan singer, Punnu's formative years laid the foundation for his exploration of diverse spiritual practices including yoga and meditation.

Today, Punnu is a dynamic performer captivating audiences with his soulful voice and versatility across genres like Kirtan, Xtatic Kirtan, Indian Fusion, Sufi, Bollywood, and world music. Beyond performing, he is a dedicated teacher, leading his Kirtan Academy and Sound Healing Academy, seamlessly blending music with yoga and meditation.

Featured in "The Power of Mantra" documentary, Punnu's life journey intricately weaves together music, spirituality, and holistic healing. Currently based in Bali and Switzerland, Punnu shares his expertise globally by offering private sessions, classes, workshops, and training sessions in Meditation, Yoga, Kirtan, Sound Healing, Reiki, and various Holistic Healing modalities and Spiritual courses.

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