Rita Aleixo


Thai Yoga Massage

Born in Lisbon, Rita grew up in China. With a degree in Social Psychology, since an early age she felt the urge to reconnect deeply with her true nature.  In this path she came across various meaningful resources that supported my own healing and spiritual process.

These ancient practices included reiki, meditation, bodywork by therapeutic massage, chi kung and dance/conscious movement, taoism and shamanism. Since 2017 she have fully embraced the path of service of the being.

Within therapeutic massage, she started her training with zen shiatsu (2012) until she found thai yoga (2018). The language of the body and its truth has always fascinated her and has been her guide to uncover the wholeness of the Being. Her work aims to support you to connect with your forgotten parts, restore the balance of your most subtle physical and energetic bodies and allow you to release what you no longer have to carry with you while accepting everything you are.

She integrate this within two lines of work: therapeutic massages and energy healing.

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