Rute Novais


Kids & Families - Ecstatic Dance

Rute is an ecstatic Dance curator, space holder, DJ and furious dancer. Designer, teacher, event producer and environmental entrepreneur among other magics.

She introduced ecstatic dance to Portugal in 2012. Since then, she facilitates hundreds of circles holding space for DJs and musical projects from all over the world. Ecstatic Dance Lisboa events opened the way for a vibrant and expansive community of dancers, musicians, facilitators and DJs to explore this space as an opportunity to express themselves and contribute to the growth of this bright tribe.

Monthly, she organizes Ecstatic Dance Lisboa and Ecstatic Dance Sintra, which are references from musical diversity, multiculturalism and creativity. Her DJ sets are deep and pleasurable experiences where she shares her vision of life through music, as a constant pulsation between breathing, rhythm, surprise, joy, introspection, communion and celebration.

For Being Gathering, Rute is giving a musical journey that explores eclectic, tribal and world exquisite sounds, to embody freedom, creativity, joy and pure connection. A workshop of Ecstatic Dance for Kids & Grown Up Children.

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