Wisdom keeper
Ancestral knowledge

Txana Mashã Huni Kuin is from the state of Acre, from Kaxinawá indigenous land, which is located on the Humaitá River, on the right bank of the Muru river, in the municipality of Tarauacá.

Graduated in Literature, he worked as a teacher for 18 years, office that today follows indirectly, but which contributed to share the teachings of his people around the world.It is estimated that today, in the Kaxinawá indigenous land on the Humaitá River.  There are approximately 650 people from the Huni Kuin people, distributed across six villages, each of which is represented byleaders from different social categories, such as health agents, teachers, medicine men, artisans, midwives, among others.

Belonging to the first village named Mati Txana Mukaya, or Vigilante Village in Portuguese, made up of approximately 140 people, Txana Mashã is a leader and organizer, inside and outside her land.Furthermore, he safeguards and practices ancestral knowledge and knowledge of his Huni Kuin people, who are focused on the world of spirituality through songs, prayers, stories and medicinesof the forest.

Currently, this work has become a mission for Txana Mashã of great responsibility, which is to share all the knowledge and knowledge of its people, through ceremonies with the sacred medicines of the forest.

For Being Gathering, Txana is bringing a ancestral ceremony.

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