Vanda Sousa



In the realm of transformative journeys, Vanda stands as a seasoned facilitator, an embodiment artist, weaving her path with an open heart and a seeker's spirit.  From her spirited days as an athlete and dancer to a global presence in professional DJing, Vanda crafts experiences that resonate worldwide.

In 2021, she fearlessly embraced her true soul purpose, delving into a profound inner journey. As an embodiment and breath coach, Vanda birthed Soma Groove - a labor of love and a powerful recipe for reconnection and healing, seamlessly integrating diverse modalities, drawing from breathwork, somatic movement, dance movement therapy, music therapy, ecstatic dance, trauma healing and emotional release, opening up the transformative potential to all human beings, regardless of their experience or ability.

Soma groove has now grown  with deeper roots and wider branches, reaching all the way to Porto, Lisbon, Algarve and SW Coast and worldwide online, already experienced by hundreds of moving bodies and souls.

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