Vera Balsemão



Vera is a creative soul, passionate about the world of arts and the development of human beings. In her life path, the spiritual and holistic experience as a mother guided her to a deeper connection with her essence and aligned with her purpose.

From this relationship emerged the vocation to found a Waldorf Primary School to serve the Algarve, southern Portugal community. This journey led her to become an anthroposophical art therapist, supporting different needs such as social projects and retreats in her homeland, Monte Velho Retreat Center.

She recently embraced the family's dream and embarked on a journey through Australia, where she graduated as an art psychotherapist and eco psychotherapist, obtaining a wide range of therapeutic techniques linked to the arts. She believes in the multimodal arts and nature as powerful tools of knowledge that facilitate transformation and healing processes.

In Being Gathering, Vera is giving a workshop named Mindful Arts: A Journey into Self-Awareness and Creative Expression.

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